SCOTLAND > Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS)

The Scottish Government is tapering the SBBS relief for properties between £12,001 and £20,000: relief will taper from 100% to 25% for properties with rateable values between £12,001 to £15,000; and from 25% to 0% for properties with rateable values between £15,001 to £20,000.

The combined rateable value of all business premises must be £35,000 or less and, the rateable value of individual premises is to be £20,000 or less.

Small Business Transitional Relief will be available to properties that lose SBBS eligibility. The loss of eligibility will be in a phased manner. For those losing or seeing a reduction in these reliefs (including due to the above exclusions introduced for SBBS relief) on 1 April 2023 the maximum increase in the rates liability relative to 31 March 2023 will be capped at £600 in 2023‑24, rising to £1,200 in 2024‑25 and £1,800 in 2025‑26.